My Favorite Natural Sunscreen: Juice Beauty SPF 30 Mineral Moisturizer

So the best seller last year out of all my ingredients was by far, my African Facial Oils, but moisturizing and protecting your face does not stop there. I also followup with my customers and ask about what sunscreen they are using to protect their face. I would say 50% actually use a daily sunscreen and of that 50% less than half use a natural sunscreen that is not harming the environment or their face. I always recommend my favorite natural sunscreen Juice Beauty SPF 30 Mineral Moisturizer

What do you mean by natural?

A natural sunscreen actually uses natural ingredients to protect your face from daily exposure to the sun’s UV rays. These natural ingredients include zinc oxide and other mineral ingredients. The biggest drawback to using mineral sunscreens is that they can come off very paste-y and not rub into the skin as well. However, I find that , Juice Beauty SPF 30 Mineral Moisturizer, comes in a variety of tints so as to blend into your skin tone flawlessly.

One of the limitations is that the moisturizer comes in three shades and some shades might still come off paste-y on the skin depending on your complexion (particularly if you are dark complected). Personally, I would go test/sample the product at your nearest WholeFoods and to make sure to test the product on an area of your face, not the skin on your hand, so as to see how well it blends.

Other Options?

There is a diversity of natural sunscreens out there but if you want to do your part and help the oceanic environment, try to avoid sunscreens that contain unnatural, chemical-based ingredients like oxybenzone, avobenzone, octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate and octinoxate. As a synchronized swimmer and in the direct sun at least 4 hours a week, I found that these chemical filter sunscreens also caused my skin to become very sensitive and inflamed.