Holiday Hibiscus Tea Cocktails

Of course, the only time when I come back to the blog-o-sphere, is to talk about alcohol (this does not provide insight into how tough graduate school life is by the way…)

The holidays are most people’s favorite time of year. For me it is definitely about family and friends, but more so it is about merriment with those family and friends - and usually that takes place around some mulled wine, spicy turmeric hot chocolate spiked with peppermint schnapps (stayed tuned for next month’s post) and my favorite…hibiscus tea cocktails!

Now most people wonder…tea…as a cocktail? If you have had a hot toddy before, which is mostly comprised of lemon, hot water, honey and a whiskey/bourbon of your choice, then a hot hibiscus tea cocktail is not that far fetched nor is it restricted to being just hot only!

Holiday Hibiscus Tea Cocktail (Hot or Cold)

  1. Steep some dried hibiscus in hot water for not more than 15 minutes. Add some of your favorite complimentary spices like cloves, orange, ginger, etc. I also of course do a Holiday Hibiscus Tea with white sage, ginger and other additives that work just as well.

  2. In a separate cup or bowl, add simple syrup or agave as a sweetener and muddle with a fresh slice of orange and an alcohol of your choice. I prefer brown or white rums - my favorite is Jamaican Appleton Rum.

  3. Mix the muddled ingredients with the steeped hibiscus tea, stir and enjoy preferably in one of those classic hot toddy glass mugs. Add a stick of cinnamon to it if you really want to impress yourself…then your friends.

  4. To make a cold variation, chill the tea in the fridge beforehand and then add the muddled ingredients or add ice to the hot muddled beverage (you sometimes do run the risk of watering the drink down, loosing the citrus hibiscus flavor, and most importantly, the alcohol!)