Straining Method & Technique: Glycerites, Oils, Gels, and Honeys

Can I really call this a technique? I guess buying two pair of granny stockings for 99 cents total can classify as technique if you are looking for an inexpensive way to strain everything from your herbal glycerite and oil infusions to your flax seed hair gels. 

I first used this method when crafting and making my flax seed hair gel and since then I have been using it for straining everything.  I have even picked up a better bargain at some CVS' you can find four pair (eight potential strainers total) of sheer knee high pantyhose for $1.99. Make sure to get the ones without the reinforced toe to make straining easier.

I usually cap the pantyhose over a container with a spout (so I can pour the finished product into the final sanitized container). Fill up the pantyhose and then either using clean hands or some type of squeezing utensil (in the case above, a Lobster cracker) to squeeze out as much as the product as possible. Hands are sometimes difficult if dealing with sticking stuff like honey and just-boiled-flax-seeds.

Some people like to use unbleached muslin cheesecloth to strain (takes too long) or a specialty mesh from Home Depot (particulates sometimes get into your product) but I by far like this pantyhose method the best. My only concerns are possibly dyes from the pantyhose getting into the product, but I wash it before hand in unscented natural soap.