Horsetail Tincture: Grow Healthy Hair And Nails Naturally!

I have done a lot of tincturing in the last year and I realized I should start documenting my process and results!


My most recent tincture was a Horsetail Tincture because I really wanted to get a better handle on my constant breaking of nails and maybe up my hair growth rate (just maybe). Horsetail (Equisetum) is a plant, not the silky thing on the back of a horse. I purchased a small plant about a year ago and kept it potted because it can spread rapidly when not confined. 

How I Did It:

1. Pick fresh baby shoots from the horsetail plant (they are usually the ones poking out from the top); Wash them and chop them up (not too finely)





2. Place fresh chopped shoots in a mason jar and cover completely with the highest percentage of alcohol available (95% preferred or you can use Everclear - 75.5%); Let it sit for about 2 weeks to a month






3. To strain it you will need a cheesecloth, some type of cup with a spout (measuring cup is good), and a rubber band. Place the cheesecloth over the cup and put a rubber band around it to secure the cloth; pour most, if not all, the infused alcohol on top of the cheese cloth; To get all of the alcohol out the plant, take off the rubber band and squeeze the cheesecloth with clean or gloved hands to get all the alcohol out (the shoots should be almost colorless when you are done with them)






4. Pour the infused horsetail alcohol into a dropper of some kind for easy application; 6-10 drops 2x a day on the tongue is pretty good for me, but dosages vary




  • Use fresh and organic plant because it is the most rich in minerals and silicas that contribute to nail and hair growth
  • Using the highest percentage of alcohol helps ensure not only preservation (because you are using fresh vs. dried plant) but also helps extract the beneficial constituents from the horsetail more effectively without the presence of water to degrade your final concoction
  • Although you can't really overdose from this, pay attention to how your body feels after taking this for a prolonged period of time. Are you more fatigued, dry eyes, upset stomach, etc etc - usually means you need to rein in the dosing and take smaller amounts; more does not mean more hair in one day!