Nutritive Tea

Nutritive Tea


One of my favorite adaptogenic tea blends to manage the daily stresses of life. I drink it about once a month over the course of a week to nourish my adrenals (which modulates your stress levels) to balance my mood and focus. 

Directions: Fill a 1QT mason jar with 1/8 of a nettle and oatstraw mixture (not much plant material is needed). Cut a lemon or an orange and squeeze the juice in the jar. Throw the lemon/orange in there as well. This will help release minerals like the silicas that need some type of citrus to be absorbed. Pour Boiling hot water over the lemon/orange, nettle and oatstraw and fill to the top. Cap it. Wait for 6-8 hours (overnight infusions are the best; the more it steeps, the more the rich minerals come out). Strain and enjoy!

Ingredients: nettle*, oatstraw*, alfafa*, marshmallow root*

* - Organic Ingredients

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