Facial Regimen Kit

Facial Regimen Kit


This is like the tour-de-force...for the face!  Start off with a charcoal face wash, facial exfoliator (weekly, monthly, or when needed), then add some toner and then facial oils to top it all off. This has been my facial regimen for several years and it has treated my face pretty well given that I suffer with eczema AND adult acne! A $68 value - get the whole set for $8 off.

Ingredients (Charcoal Soap): Olive Oil*, Coconut Oil*, Water, Shea Butter*, Sodium Hydroxide, Castor Oil, Activated Charcoal*, Blend of Essential Oils

Ingredients (Facial Exfoliator): Almond Butter*, Rose & Lavender infused raw honey*, Almond Oil, Rose*, Lavender*, Vitamin E

Ingredients (African Facial Oils): IngredientsA Blend of Organic Marula*, Argan*, Rosehip* and Baobab* Oils; Vitamin E Oil; Geranium Essential Oil

Ingredients (Toner): Apple Cider Vinegar*, Yarrow*, Chamomile*, Lavender*, Rose*, Rose* and Rosemary* Hydrosol, Lavender Essential Oil*

* - denotes organic ingredients


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