Facial Exfoliator

Facial Exfoliator


Ask and you shall receive! After many months of requests and questions about facial exfoliating, I have finally made a product good enough to eat! Organic Almond Butter, Almond Oil and raw honey infused with lavender and rose, makes this a nourishing exfoliator for the face. It is really great for helping remove dead skin gently with smooth almond kernels while still replenishing the face of any lost oils during exfoliation.

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Directions: Wash face with TamThyme Charcoal soap; With wet palms, rub 1tsp of exfoliator between hands then apply to wet face and scrub in circular motions for 1 minute; Wash thoroughly; Use TamThyme herbal toner after; REFRIGERATE WHEN NOT IN USE

Ingredients: Almond Butter*, Rose & Lavender infused raw honey*, Almond Oil, Rose*, Lavender*, Vitamin E

*Organic Ingredients

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