Three Easy And Useful Things To Do With Leftover Juicing Pulp

I usually have two bins full of this stuff!

I juice about once to twice a week - about 32 oz worth of juice (check out some of my recipes here). I came to realize that I had so much juicing pulp leftover that was still nutritious and rich in fiber and thought it was kind of wasteful to just chuck it out all the time. I decided to research some creative ways to reuse the left over juicing pulp to alleviate that waste guilt.

I ended up finding like top 100 lists of what to do with juicing pulp but I whittled it down to three ways I found useful in my everyday spare time to use my leftover juicing pulp.

Composting Juicing Pulp

  • Cook it. I have a friend who sautes it with some garlic and chicken broth and serves it up over rice or meats. I prefer this other recipe I found online that is a variation to making black bean patties. Just mash-up a can of black beans with a potato masher, add a handful and half of juicing pulp, some olive oil and bread crumbs. You can also season according to what flavor profile you prefer, sometimes I do Worcester sauce, BBQ sauce and ketchup to give it a burger type flavor or tumeric, cumin, parsley, chili seasonings to give it a more Mediterranean type flavor (mimics falafel in some ways). I throw it on the George Foreman grill for about 10 minutes per two patties until cooked through and wallah, toppings for a salad or sandwich wrap. I do think you should use juicing pulp that has more carrots and beets in it than kale pulp (tends to be stringy and weird for me when I am eating it).
  • Stew it. Making a soup? Want to add some fiber and thickness to it? Just throw as much juicing pulp as you want into the soup stock. It might save you the trouble of cutting up extra veggies and whatnot.