Sponsored Product Review: Quin Organics Pure Ultra Emu Oil

I first learned about Emu Oil from a friend several years ago who had a pretty bad burn scar that healed wondrously. She said the miracle scar fader was in this unlabeled little jar that looked like thickened, creamy yellow butter called Emu Oil. My second touch with this product was in my Oils lecture in Herbal Class. Our teacher extrapolated how animal fats are great for herbal oil infusions and as carrier oils - including ghee and Emu Oil. Shortly after that class, Quin Organics was nice enough to send me some Pure Ultra Emu Oil to try out and review and I have to say I am obsessed with the stuff.


Just to give a little background on what exactly is an Emu and where the oil comes from, an Emu is the second largest bird next to it's similar looking cousin, the Ostrich. The oil is rendered from the fat of the bird (so not a vegan alternative for some of you out there).Quin Organics Emu Oil is processed using some of the most natural methods (removal of impurities and deodorizing) to retain top grade quality and even retain color (so not like that unlabeled yellow Emu oil my friend was using). This Emu oil is also certified through the American Emu Association (AEA), maintaining compliance with the strictest regulations and lab tests.

The oil itself is very clear and thick. It came in a dropper bottle and can easily be squeezed in and out the dropper (pretty viscous). The oil itself absorbs so beautifully! It is not like olive or coconut oil which might take minutes to absorb if it absorbs at all. Leaves no greasy feel afterwards and there is no odor. I liken it to an almond oil but better since it absorbs faster and contains more plentiful beneficial fatty acids.

It can also be used for almost anything (including ingestion although I recommend topical applications since there seems to be more benefits in that department). I applied it to my scar on my ankle, my sore calf muscles (a great anti-inflammatory) and the back tracks of my crochet braids and it absorbed very well. Emu Oil is also being praised as having great anti-aging benefits as well because of the beneficial compounds. I was a little wary to apply any type of oil to my face but when I had a forehead blemish breakout, I applied just a dropper full and it helped reduce the appearance of the blemish the next day (the first time any oil did that for my combination-type skin).