Probiotics: Metagenics UltraFlora Balance Review

I am a big fan and believer in Probiotics but I didn't always used to be one!

Probiotics are bacteria that help maintain the natural balance of organisms (microflora) in the intestines (WebMd)

My mother started using Align Probiotic Digestive Care - 63 Capsules several years ago and she noticed several things:

  • she could actually drink and eat milk without indigestion
  • she had fewer instances of IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome), indigestion, and general stomach pains
  • she never got sick!

I sometimes suffer from indigestion (mostly from overeating to be honest) and milk products. When I started using Align I experienced having to go to the bathroom more often than normal and I heard not only from Dr. Oz but other professionals that this was normal. I personally did not have time for that lol and even though frequent might be good, too frequent can really be time consuming!

A gentler Probiotic

So I got off Align and several months later a Holistic doctor recommended I start taking a Probiotic again because of the extended list of benefits. I told her the side effects of the Probiotic I used previously and she recommended I try Metagenics - Ultra Flora Plus DF-60 Capsules [Health and Beauty].

With the ever increasing variety of probiotics on the market nowadays, I prefer the Metagenics Ultra Flora because it is a gentler probiotic, especially for sensitive stomachs. However, I find the pills too large to swallow so I usually just open the capsules and mix them into my breakfast and/or cup of water.

Since taking it I have not stopped for several reasons:

In addition to not having as many instances of indigestion from milk products etc, I never get sick either! Even during this epidemic flu season I have been relatively healthy. The doctor mentioned that taking a Vitamin D supplement (which I take) in conjunction with a probiotic helps support a health immune system.

According to EndoMune Health Blog:

The other study(5) was conducted on 250 healthy adults. Two different probiotic preparations were used, and there was also a control group who received a placebo. As compared to the control group, the two groups who consumed probiotics for 90 days during the cold and flu season experienced these astounding benefits:

  • 41% less number of infections
  • 25% less severity of infections
  • 25% decrease in the length of infections
  • 27% reduced days out from work.

Another reason and probably the most important is that my eczema is virtually gone! I have been suffering from eczema since college especially around my eye lids, ear lobes and in between my fingers. I used to use this thicktopical cream to treat it which was particularly messy when it was on my hands. Its nice now not to worry about rings and dry weather irritating my hands anymore.