How To Make Herbal Glycerites

I learned about the magic of glycerites during the Green Wisdom Herbal Study Group through The topic of conversation was lavender glycerites and we each had a taste and of course the first thing that went through my mind was how this would taste great in a martini! The teacher of course extrapolated on other great uses for this glycerite besides libations including how glycerites are child and pet friendly since glycerin is non-alcoholic unlike a tincture

A glycerite is made up of glycerin and a fresh or dried herb. Some deviations include water and/or alcohol in addition to the glycerin to make glycerites. The glycerin I use and recommend is one that is safe for cosmetic and edible use (I bought the NOW Solutions Glycerine because you get a better bang for your buck). The hardest thing about making a glycerite is finding glycerin in your area that is derived from food based oils. I have to order mine online most of the time.

delightful glycerites...[can be] mixed into iced or hot herbal teas, fruit sauces, and cocktails, or drizzled over yogurt, ice cream, and desserts (Herbal Academy of New England)

To make a glycerite is fairly easy and I followed my Herbal teacher's formula: 1 part water to 3 parts glycerin.


  • Mason Jar or some glass sterile container with a top
  • Food Based Glycerin, safe for edible consumption and cosmetic use
  • Distilled Water
  • Around .5oz-1 oz dried or fresh herbs


Lavender Rose Glycerites

  1. I used the 1.5 oz of water to 4.5 oz of glycerin ratio for about 1oz of dried herb (next time I will use less, about .5 oz or less - read further to find out why). Mix glycerin and water in a separate container until it is fully diluted - goes from cloudy to clear
  2. If dried herbs are whole, grind them up in your NutriBulletor for me I used my mom's old coffee grinder from the late 90s. Put dry herbs in a jar then pour the water/glycerin mixture on top. Shake well.
  3. Store in a cool, not sunny area and shake it everyday. I keep mine in my bathroom just so I can remember to shake it everyday.
  4. After two weeks strain it with a cheese cloth into another sterile jar or for me, I am adding it to a pump (splash of rose glycerite please!). To preserve it I will probably store it in my refrigerator.

In hindsight I should of used less herbs just because the dried herbs absorb all of the liquid and within a day I had to make a new water/glycerin (1 oz: 3oz) batch and add them to the herbs. Depending if they absorb that up as well I might have to add another and another water/glycerin batch until there is at least 2-3 centimeters floating on top of the dried mixture.