Cold Press Juicing Efficiently And Effectively

So I have been juicing for some time now and have made the shift over from the standard masticating juicer to a refurbished cold pressed omega juicer I got for a great price off of Amazon. I try to juice every week but now I find myself pressed for time and usually juice when I am fighting acne breakouts or when I start to feel sick. After researching and finding out that your cold pressed juices go bad (or lose efficacy/minerals etc) in a couple of days (3-4 days to be exact) I found a way to optimize the organic (and sometimes expensive) produce I buy to get and use the juice within 3-4 days.



  • 1 or 1.5 beets
  • one medium carrot
  • one cucumber
  • 1.5 apples
  • half a lemon
  • half of a small ginger root
  • 1 bushel of kale

As you can see there are a lot of halves in this ingredient list. I usually go to the store and end up buying two or three beets, two carrots, two cucumbers, three apples, one lemon, one small piece of ginger, and two bushels of kale. I cut that in half (literally) and put the rest in a ziploc bag to use for the next week.

I thought that after a week the half of apple might be totally brown or even the kale wilted but the ziploc helps maintain everything's freshness. I also found it helps to speed up the juicing process when it comes time to juice in the next week, especially since the produce is already washed (especially the kale). All you have to do at that point is chop everything up and throw it in the juicer!

After consulting with the Juicing BibleI sometimes swap out the kale for dandelion greens or burdock root because it is great for fighting acne and blemishes!